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UMAV >> UM4-1000 >> Product Description
Product: Unmanned Micro Aerial Vehicle
Model: UM4-1000
Type : UMAV

 UM4-1000 is a world's leading VTOL AUMAV(Vertical Take off and Landing Autonomous Unmanned Micro Aerial Vehicle) system designed to perform tasks in the fields of documentation, coordination, exploration, surveying, communication, inspection and observation.

The drone body and camera adaptor are made of carbon fiber materials which present the features of lighter weight and higher strength.

A modular payload concept enables to flexibly adapt the equipment to the intended mission. The availability of high-resolution digital cameras, several video solutions and even high-end infrared thermal imager for the UM4-1000 ensures the capability to carry out miscellaneous tasks of imange recording and image broadcasting in different lighting conditions.

The Base Station of the UM4-1000 concentrates all information relevant to the flight using microdrones self-developed application software mdCockpit. You have the conplete telemetry data and of course the video image taken by the drone right at your fingertips.

UM4-1000 can fly by remote control or autonomously with the aid of our GPS Waypoint navigation system.

Thanks to the unique AAHRS which integrates accelerator, gyro, magnetometer, barometer, even completely inexperienced pilots can learn to fly the drone in a very short time. Usually a beginner is able to control the drone after less than 1 hour of training.

With its excellent safety design, UM4-1000 will automatically hover in the air once remote control operation is stopped. If the RC signal is unavailable for more than 30s (except for waypoint mode), homing mode will be activated automatically. If the battery is too low, the drone will enter into emergency landing and land slowly.

As an electric UAV, UM4-1000 is of so low power consumption that one airborne battery pack can achieve flight durations of up to 45 minutes(depending of attached payload and environmental conditions like wind speeds and ambient temperature), and it takes you less than one minute to replace the battery with a new one.

Using the optional video goggles you can perform flights exceeding your visibility range(up to 3km).

The four brushless motors work without a gear and therefore emit extremely low noise(74dBA, hovering in a distance of 3m) while being very efficient an the same time.

Due to such excellent technical design, more than 500 UM4-1000 VTOL AUMAVs have been sold globally until December 2013 since its launching in Germany in January 2010. Our customers distribute in the fields of fire control, police, news media, aerial photography, archeology, aerial surveillance, forest surveying, border controlling, special forces, army and etc, which occupies an absolutely leading position in professional UAV market.



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