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IAD/Voice Gateway >> MG6032 >> Product Description
Product: 32 Ports Voice Gateway
Model: MG6032
Type : IAD/Voice Gateway

MG6032 is a single board structure device, which is compact and convenient. It’s user interface is FXS port. The capability of FXS port is 32. MG6032 also has 2 10/100Base-T Ethernet port.


l   One RS232 port for configuration
l   FXS1-32(32 lines), FXS for analog phones
l   Two 10/100M BASE-T connect WAN
l   One live line(For PSTN pass through)
l   Supports VLAN TAG
l   Supports static/dynamic NAT translate
l   Supports Jitter Buffer to clear network jitter
l   Supports static IP address configure
l   Supports PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet)/DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, performance IP address dynamic distribute, enhance management convenience and access flexibility
l   PPPoE/DHCP auto redial when off line
l   Supports on line software upgrade
l   Self-learn MAC address
l   Supports multi configure, as Console, Web, Telnet and SNMP
l   Management User’s level authority, high security
l   Multi billing mode: Polarity/LAN/Serial port/Radius client
l   Telecom grade lighten proof
l   Supports quite tone detect/ CNG (Comfort Noise Generation)
l   Supports T.30/ T.38 fax, fax translate
l   Recover loss package feature
l   Auto-sensing dynamic buffer technology, Max 150ms, to meet bad network environment application
l   Adopt authority verify etc. network security mode
l   Supports Caller detect and Caller ID
l   Option DTMF band internal/external transmission technology

l   Option input/output gain control



l   Supports polarity control(need operator support such service)
l   Supports call wait, call transfer, call forward, abbreviation dial, no-disturb (need operator support such service)
l   Powerful QoS :Based on IPv4 ToS and distinguish service, set different service level according to different package to ensure voice package’s high priority Based on IEEE802.1p 4-level priority, Tag high priority on voice package to ensure voice quality


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